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Saturday Jul 13, 2024


Almost every woman wants to put a big smile on her significant other’s face. But somewhere they struggle to give their men ultimate pleasure in the bedroom. After all, Men are from Mars and women are from Venus. So, let’s delve in a little deeper into what men really want in bed and wish women knew.

Now is the time that you found out How to Make Your Man Happy and Satisfied in the Bed so you could really blow his mind tonight.

Push the Right Button
Push the Right Button

It is usually believed that men are penis-centered. However, they do like being licked, touched, and stroked all over their bodies. Just like women have the G-spot, clitoris, and other erotic areas, men have their own sensitive areas too. Neck, Scortem, Nipples, and Perineum are some special sweet spots that switch the button on instantly.

It can give your man an experience like no other.

Break the Monotony
It is often men who are taking the charge and doing the moving. But this is where most women lack because men also love to experience their loved one’s wild side. A man likes it when his woman takes the charge in bed. It drives him crazy when she grabs him, pushes him down, and has her way with him. It is one of the best methods to make a man happy and satisfied in the bed.

So go ahead, turn the tables, and invest in your future orgasms.

Explore – Make it a Full Body Experience
Explore – Make it a Full Body Experience

This one he will LOVE!

Both men and women crave for pleasure between their legs. However, sex lives of couples can become boring and bland over time.

Yes, that is why it is always recommended to pay attention to the partner’s rest of the body. Run your hands all over his body, and give extra attention to his Neck, Scortem, Nipples, and Perineum. It will not only enhance your experience but also let your man achieve explosive orgasms. Changing your daily sex schedule, or place will add extra toppings to it.

Sometimes, to spice things up, try to start a day with a morning sex in the shower or with a BJ.

Flirt with Him
The brain is our largest sex organ. Many women fail to realize that that satisfying a man is not all about being naked. It is more a mental job than physical and we are sure you are aware of this. You can use your voice to melt a mountain or to add fuel to the fire of sexual desires.

Talking about tricky topics effectively is more likely to make your man happy and satisfied in the bed than those who ignore these sensitive subjects. So, involve your mind and your consciousness whenever you do pleasurable things with your man.

Remember, slight changes in the wind can turn a 10-gun salute into a popgun.

When people think about quickies they think about something that’s slutty, but it’s really just a kind of sex that can be extremely satisfying and erotic. Quickies often involve sex in unusual places, such as the kitchen, a couch, or a car. So, the trick is to keep it energetic. Make him feel like he is the only man in the world who matters to you.

Quickies can be incorporated into your life, not as a remedy, but for the extra thrill.

An essential step in reaching optimal pleasure is to discover a man’s favorite sexual positions. Usually, men love those positions where they are able to create maximum friction and thrust in as deeply as possible. Missionary and doggy positions are most popular so, you can use these positions to make your man happy and satisfied in the bed. You can also change positions for different stimulation.

Dim lights, low Music, and fragrant flowers can help you to create a romantic ambiance.

Kegel Exercises

Have you heard about Kegel exercises? Well, these are muscle exercises that are especially used for strengthening the PC muscle. This muscle sits at the bottom of our abdomen and stretches across the entire pelvic area. If you learn to squeeze your PC muscle then, the amount of friction will increase and your man will definitely get super excited.

In case you don’t have enough time to do kegel exercises, then you can take help of BangDesire – Vaginal Tightening Cream. It is designed to keep in mind the safety and satisfaction of both men and women. It is very simple to use and works very effectively.

The 100% organic cream can give you results with a few weeks and can both you and your man happy and satisfied in the bed.

Use of BangDesire Vaginal Tightening Cream twice a day is highly recommended to set the right mood!

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