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Thursday Jul 18, 2024


Coconut oil is a phenomenal oil which is used in our homes. To get rid off dandruff to aerate, even for our skin problems. Coconut oil is a natural ingredient and it helps us to provide a number of beauty products and health benefits, but I am sure that you wouldn’t have used it in your bedroom. And do you know that this oil is unlikely the best for curing and sexual uses?

We all use coconut oil for hair treatment and is usually kept in our home. It nourishes the skin and long ago many people were using it as a cream on their body. But do you know it is also good for your vagina? Sometimes women feel it very painful after sex that while urinating it pains, at that time it can be a relief applying it on your vagina with your fingers.

What are the benefits of using Coconut Oil on the vagina?
Coconut oil is a very beneficial oil for menopausal women as it can treat their vaginal dryness. There can be many reasons for vaginal dryness like lactation, menopause, medications, inflammatory bowel disease, malignancy, and many others. So it is important to be fully assessed before self-treating.

The oil has three different oily acids that are caprylic acid, capric acid and lauric acid that are found to be very helpful for vaginal infection. The surplus growth of yeast into the vagina causes vaginal infection and due to this, white and odorless discharge can appear. For this using coconut oil inside the vagina can alleviate it. Coconut oil is a likely sweetener which performs as a honey alternative so as to control the primary food supply of increasing fungal infection.

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How to use it?
You can put the coconut oil in the jar and keep it at a cool dry place. Before going to sleep you can use it inside your vagina with your fingers for a better sex. You can use it before sex and after making sex. For a better sex drive and to enjoy with your partner to the fullest.

benefits of using Coconut Oil on the vagina

Limitations of using Coconut Oil
As there are some benefits of using coconut oil it also has some limitations too. Using coconut oil inside your vagina may be stingy. While you are making sex oil-based lubricants can weaken or break condoms. And this can even cause unwanted pregnancy as your condom can get torn due to excess of oil inside the vagina.

Using Coconut Oil while making sex can also be a cause of STD (sexually transmitted disease) which is a harmful infection. So while using coconut oil can be a dangerous infection for both men and women. Avoid using it.

Other than using coconut oil inside the vagina we have an alternative for you, which can help you tighten the vagina and doesn’t have any side effects.

V-like 18 is a Vaginal Tightening Cream and also is 100% safe to use. This is the best way to enhance your sex life and free your sexual life from all kind of infection. Using V-like 18 wouldn’t have any side effect in your vagina. As the age passes by a women’s vagina may also experience some changes like it gets loose and floppy. And due to this, they cannot enjoy their sexual life. Even use coconut oil sometimes for better sex, but this can be dangerous using it. V-like 18 is the best cream and is made with totally natural products. Hence, this is a natural product.

Firstly you have to take a little amount of V-like 18 on your fingertips and then apply it inside your vagina walls and then massage inside with your finger. You can apply it for 10-15 minutes before you are going to have sex with your partner. Using this cream on a regular basis can tighten your vagina and you will be free from infection.

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