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Sunday Jul 14, 2024


Wondering how to satisfy a woman in bed? Well, congratulations for landing on the right place.

We all know that connecting with our significant other is the important part of a successful relationship. Needless to say, every woman loves sweet efforts, special care, and extra pleasure in the bedroom. Therefore, in order to make her feel special in the bedroom, there are certain things that men should do and keep the relationship growing stronger.

Physical intimacy is as important as emotional and psychological intimacy; it creates a world of memories that live forever. Read post till the end, as there are some useful tips for you to make her feel astonishing in the bedroom.

  1. Create an ambient environment
    Now, the first thing you should know, is women get comfortable with guys who reassure them and let them know that they are taking care of them. So, get to know your significant other because then only she can relax and surrender to you sexually. It is completely your duty to make her feel safe, emotionally bonded with you and comfortable to completely surrender, open up and make love with you!

How to satisfy your woman in bed

  1. Long foreplay to turn on the heat
    Now is the time to arouse her and make it a wonderful sexual experience. Women take time to be aroused. So, long foreplay can actually turns women on massively in a big, big way. All you need is a bit of patience and knowledge to undress her, touch her sensitively in the spots like nipple, neck, ear, and inner thighs. Just go with the flow to satisfy your woman in bed and help her achieve explosive orgasms.

3.Slow Talk
Words can do wonder for you, especially in the bed. Tell your significant other how beautiful she is and how madly you are in love with her. Tell her how you feel when you touch her, kiss her, tease her, and see her moaning. It is the sure shortcut to blow her mind. She will also start fantasizing about the memories. So, talk smooth, relax, slow down, touch her gently and make her melt by your very touch and with the magic of your words.

4.Tease her before the Act
Once both of you enter into the zone, tease her on the erogenous zones with a soft thing like a feather. Watch her reaction and let your bodies do the work with rhythm. This way, you can satisfy your women in bed. There is a simple rule in sex – you take care of her pleasure and she will take care of yours. So, in order to make her wet, you have can play the game of teasing through genitals and other areas.

5.Last longer, Go slow not fast
This is where most of the men lack. Their hormones kind of hijack their intelligence and there is when men try to penetrate their significant other immediately. So, it is always advised to keep in mind on pleasuring her first, this way you add the length of time to add a level of satisfaction and at the same time ensure that she comes at the same time that you do.

  1. Last longer, Go slow not fast

Another important tip for how to satisfy women is to not let the things become monotonous. Intimacy is all about exploring and finding new ways to get the ultimate sense of satisfaction. Sit with your better half, talk to them, ask her fantasies or positions which she would love to try with you. Bring some excitement back into your bedroom with new costumes and different positions. Now, it will be easy for both of you can work on the positions that make you feel in the seventh heaven.

Switch Positions very often

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Remember, it’s all about the right skills will you will learn after some time. Practice the above tips and fulfill the desire and wants of your significant other in bed.

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