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Saturday Jul 13, 2024


As the age of a women increases and especially when they give a childbirth, they start feeling that their vaginal muscles have got loosen and weak. Women’s start feeling less satisfaction in their sexual life with their partner. And the last option left with them is vaginoplasty by which they can build up their strength and the sexual satisfaction by tightening their vaginal muscles.

Thinking of tightening your vagina is not wrong it’s totally safe. When the vaginal skin loses its flexibility and energy collagen fibers become fatigued. There are many cosmetic products for getting better skin same way there are nonsurgical treatments to improve vaginal muscles without surgery and medicine.

Loss of elasticity and strength in vaginal tissue occurs for a number of reasons, including Aging, Obesity, Childbirth, Hysterectomy, And Surgery. These are few reasons which reinstate vaginal skin collagen with fibers which are not stretched correctly. Vaginal tightening is the only option to have a sexual satisfaction with your partner on bed.

You may experience discomfort during penetration due to a loose vagina and vaginal tightening is the only thing that comes in your mind. If you are thinking about vaginoplasty then it can be a painful treatment for you and even it is a very expensive treatment. There may be side effects also with vaginoplasty so the best alternative can be creams or home remedies.

Using V-like 18 you can tighten your floppy vagina. Rich shape offers you the best vaginal tightening cream V-like 18 that aims to tighten vagina without any side effects. Using a vaginal cream can be more constructive rather than any other remedy. And V-like 18 is a very well-liked cream and is ordered by thousands of women.

To Strengthen your pelvic floor muscles by pelvic exercises such as Kegel exercise, yoga, vaginal cones is a perfect way. It will help you maintain your:

small intestine
Your pelvic muscles usually get weak by age and childbirth so you can :

accidentally seep out urine
feel the constant need to pee
have pain in your pelvic area
experience pain during sex
You may experience such changes and also you will not be able to enjoy your sexual life. So to tighten your vagina without getting a surgery you can opt for a Vaginal Tightening Cream V- like 18. Which aims at tightening your vagina without any side effects.

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