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Saturday Jul 13, 2024


Every woman today is getting aware of her vaginal hygiene. But they do feel ashamed of talking about vaginal tightening. This happens with many women in this world. Vaginal looseness may create a lack of confidence, incontinence, delays in having an orgasm due to less friction of vulva and penis and sexual pleasure. It can hurt them mentally and physically. If you are thinking for vagina tightening and don’t want to undergo surgery, you can use Aloe Vera gel which is a natural product.

There can be many causes for a loosen vagina and sex isn’t the factor for it. Obesity, Childbirth, Surgery, The everyday lifting of weight, Regular forceful workout, Menopause, Chronic back pain, Aging these are the factors for a loosen vagina. So drop the myth that sex loses your vagina. ignoring all these factors may lead to low satisfaction in your sexual life. It is advisable to go natural way for vaginal tightening.

Aloe Vera Uses
With the use of Aloe Vera gel you can tighten your vagina also it is a natural and effective way. It is a plant which is usually used for medicinal purposes from a long period. Aloe Vera extract is suggested for skin tightening, skin brightening, acne, and dry skin. It is known to prevent vagina prolapsed. To tighten your loose vagina you can get the Aloe Vera extract and it is very helpful.

Aloe Vera Use tighten vagina

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How does it work
You just have to take the Aloe Vera plant and with the help of knife gently cut it from one side. After cutting take out the extract from the plant and accumulate it in a glass bottle. Don’t use a plastic bottle as it is said that it isn’t good. Fill the glass bottle full with Aloe Vera extract and keep it in a cool dry place. Now keep using it gently on your genital area with your fingers. Doing this six times a day will give you better results. This is a natural and effective way for vaginal tightening.

There is no significant side effect of Aloe Vera gel but this is a very time-consuming process. You will have to make the gel again and again and the results are also very late. So we have got an alternative for you which is effective and also results are shown soon.

V-like 18
V- like 18 is a vaginal tightening cream which helps you in strengthening and tightening your loose and floppy vagina. It is available at Richshape and is an effective and natural Vaginal Tightening Cream. If you are having a bad vaginal odor it will eliminate that and will provide sufficient lubrication. It is ordered by a number of women’s and is 100% safe to use.

You just have to apply and massage with this cream in your vaginal walls before 10-15 minutes before making sex. Regular use of this cream gives fast results in tightening your vagina. V-like 18 is made with natural ingredients. So try it out and check the results.

These are the two ways discussed which are totally natural and very effective. Using Aloe Vera gel will get you late results but V-like 18 which is made of natural products aims to get better results and tightens your vaginal bones. There is no side effect of using it. So, what waiting for an order it today from Richshape and use it.

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