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Monday Jul 15, 2024


Every woman is conscious of her vaginal sanitation. Have you ever thought that the skin of your nether regions has got loosen? With your growing age, your vagina may get loose no matter how much you take care of it. A loose vagina can affect women sexually and mentally and there can be a number of reasons for this.

Women’s usually feel ashamed of talking about vaginal tightening. But there are a number of women who are seeking perfection for their vagina by surgery. If you think that having more sex or using toys can loosen your vagina is a false fact as it doesn’t harm your vagina. Here are some reasons why your vagina gets loose:

The everyday lifting of weight
Regular forceful work out.
Chronic back pain
These are few reasons by which your vagina may get loose. Tightening your vagina is not a tough task, even without surgery you can tighten your vagina.

Here are few natural and effective ways to tighten your loose vagina without going through a vaginal surgery:

Healthy Diet

Eating healthy and good food helps you strengthen your pelvic muscles which eventually help you tighten your vagina. You can have beans, carrots, intake of vitamin C, apple and many more for strengthening your pelvic muscles.

Use Aloe Vera

Applying Aloe Vera gel on your vagina every night before sleep is also an effective and natural way to tighten a loose vagina. You can take the extract of Aloe Vera and keep it in a glass container so that it gets easy for you to use.

Kegel Exercises

For vaginal tightening, you can do some kegel exercises twice a day. You can search online bout exercises and perform it at your place. If you are performing kegel exercise daily then it will affect your pelvic muscles and will tighten your vagina.


Doing squats daily can tighten your vagina if performed correctly and regularly. Squats are a very easy and natural way of tightening your vagina.

Vaginal Weights

With vaginal weights intake in the vagina you can tighten your vagina soon. If taken correctly it can help you strengthen your pelvic muscles and vagina. Using vaginal weights you can have stronger, more predictable and dependable orgasms.

Vaginal Tightening Cream

For tightening a floppy vagina you can use a vaginal tightening cream. Rich shape offers you the best vaginal tightening cream V-like 18 that aims to tighten vagina without any side effects. Using a vaginal cream can be more constructive rather than any other remedy. And V-like 18 is a very well-liked cream and is ordered by thousands of women.

So if you are not able to enjoy your sex life fully try out these ways to tighten your vagina and have sexual satisfaction on bed. If you don’t wish to undergo a surgical treatment for tightening your vagina then these ways may be very helpful for you.

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